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Change Your Inner Dialogue

We often hear how words have power, yet we rarely remember.

To briefly explain, words are sound waves that carry a specific vibrational frequency infused by our consciousness with said frequency. Our perception of the meaning of the word is what gives it such power. We speak several thousand words per day but we are not always aware of the impact they have.

I would like to give special attention to the words we speak to ourselves. There are so many instants where we talk about ourselves or to ourselves with disappointment. Whether is an actual mistake that could potentially bring major consequences or a tiny error, like a mispronunciation.

We are quick to judge ourselves, usually with words that don’t even have a literal denotation. Trying to point out that we are far away from a goal or a target perception we want others to have about us, and in turn what we do is that with the continuous practice of this negative inner speech, eventually, we believe these misconceptions or not truthful judgments. And throughout time, as we continue to say and believe them, instead, it gets us further and further away from that same goal and that same perception we were trying to achieve.

It keeps us away because it enters our belief system after we repeat it for so long.

Our voices have a special effect in our brains, where we tend to believe what we say to ourselves, quicker, easier than what other people tell us, than other voices.

We have to be mindful of what we tell ourselves. Thoughts work the same way.

Many of us don’t even like our voices, or so we think. Some studies have been made where groups of participants had their voices recorded, then heard their voice along with several others, and were asked to rate them, without knowing that theirs would be in the mix as well. The participants rated their own a higher level of attractiveness than the other participants had rated said voice.

Some believe this is a result of how familiar things tend to be liked. It tends to have a higher effect on our brains. So, when we talk to ourselves, we tend to believe it more than when other voices tell us because the brain recognizes it as the most familiar voice that talks to our subconscious mind. Therefore it holds onto what’s being said, stores it, and believes it, with a more potent effect.

We must use our voices to speak into existence things that are aligned with where we want to go in life. With the changes we want to make. With who we want to become. With our personal growth, goals, and intentions.

Straightening up our internal dialogue has so many different benefits. It boosts self-confidence and self-awareness. It helps us focus on our goals and become more emotionally intelligent.

Because you are being mindful of what you are telling yourself, you are more aware of what you are thinking, where do you want to direct your feelings, the vibrational energy that you are trying to attract and that you are already manifesting by just the mere fact that you are speaking.


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