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Hi Gorgeous!

My name is Dianabel, I am passionate about personal growth, self-care and waking the queen within, connecting with myself every day, on a deeper level with ease. I invite you to walk this path with me.

Welcome home, love.

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About Me

It all began when I was a little girl. I still hold many memories dear to my heart from a very young age. I was always an emotional child, connected to the adults that surrounded me.

I was passionate about spirituality, and in my search I went through several paths, looking for the one that was in alignment with my being. I was always the child that listened to the wisdom of the elders, internalized it and made it my own, avoiding unnecessary heartaches throughout time. Although there were times where their wisdom did not match my own, and the pain came following my decisions, thus understanding that wisdom gifted from the others.

This has been the process since I can remember, I still sit with the elders and absorb their wisdom, I am still passionate about the spirit world, and the individual spiritual evolution we all have to go through to accomplish the collective evolution as species. 

Today, I open my life to you and share everything I have learned. We will focus on the healing of the heart. We will learn to redirect and reprogram our minds in alignment with our goals. We will learn how to shift our reality and work with our emotions to access the life we always wanted.

Let’s have some fun!